The agency

The agency

The Company
ANGOP is an acronym which stands for Agência Angola Press (Angola Press Agency).  It is a public company, with legal and administrative personality, as well as financial and property autonomy.

It is the country’s only agency whose objective is the gathering, processing and distribution of news items, with exclusive status, in Angola and abroad, based on an objective service of information on daily local and international events.

ANGOP’s main activity is to provide updated information through electronic means, Internet or e-mail, directly or through other agreed ways, to local and foreign media organs, based on signed agreements.

ANGOP was established in Luanda in July 1975, under the acronym “ANAP” (Angola Press National Agency) and its first dispatch was issued on 30 October 1975. Before that, the service was distributed in the form of printed news bulletin. Because of that first dispatch, ANGOP commemorates its anniversary on 30 October.

There was a change of acronym from “ANAP” to “ANGOP”, on 2 December 1975. Following a Presidential Decree, Angop became a State organ on 2 February 1978.

As from 1991, the agency has been introducing some innovations, one of which being the 24 hours service.



The Internet service was launched in February 2000. This means of distribution proved very efficient, as a direct contact was established with the main target, the public.


The Portal

The Agency entered a new era in 2008, with the new service presentation, the News Portal, which led to an increase of ts commitment to the public.

The portal has 31 channels, 17 of which are just of news, 10 of general content and four of several services in four languages (Portuguese, French, English and Spanish)

Angop is a founding member of the  Non-Aligned News Agencies Pool  and was successfully president of this relevant international organisation, from 1989 to 1992.

The Pool has more than a hundred members and meets every year. Angop is an influential member in the Pool's Coordination Committee.



Angop is a founding member of the Pool of the  Non-Aligned News Agencies and successfully held the chair of this relevant international organisation from 1989 to 1992.

It also enjoys relations with the agencies Lusa (Portugal), Prensa Latina (Cuba) AFP (France), Xinhua (China), Efe (Spain) and Reuters (Britain) and others.



The Agency has 18 delegations in the country's 18 provinces. It has correspondents in several municipalities too.


Social Area

It has a social centre, which includes a medical centre, a restaurant, and a dining hall. The medical centre has a pharmacy. The medical services are secured by Angolan doctors.